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 For drilling into concrete, brick, block, and stone. The cutting tip is often made from tungsten carbide, Norseman CDT (USA).
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Type 214, All Purpose Masonry Bits
All purpose, carbide tipped, hardened steel body, 3/8" diameter and smaller, Norseman CTD (USA).
Type 215 Fast Spiral Masonry Bits
Fast spiral flutes drill faster in hard masonry, carbide tip, hardened steel body, 1/8 to 1", Norseman CTD (USA).
Type 225 Slow Spiral Masonry Bits
Use in rotary drills for brick, tile, cement, asbestos, marble, concrete, carbide tip, 1/8 thru 1 1/2", Norseman CTD (USA).
Type 217 Tapcon Masonry Drills
Use with Tapcon™ anchor screws with self-tapping threads, carbide tip, 5/32 thru 3/16" diameter, Norseman (USA).
Type 606 Slot Drive Impact Bits
Designed to fit rotary hammers using SDS shanks to deliver maximum energy, 3/16 thru 1", Norseman CDT (USA).
Type 614 HD Spline Bits
Percussion carbide tip for demanding hammer drill applications, 3/8 thru 1 1/2", multi lengths, Norseman (USA).
SDS Plus & Max Masonry Drill Bits
SDS Plus and SDS Max rotary impact masonry drill bits, atypical sizes from special orders.
Type 605 Percussion Core Drills
Designed for heavy duty hammer action tools, alloy body, carbide tipped, 1 thru 4 1/2" diameter, Norseman CTD (USA).
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